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TS Hotel is very near to Ximen MRT Station. The hotel is located at Han Zhong Street.
Remember to get a Taipei Tourist map at the nearby Taipei Metro MRT Station. Also, you would like to purchase an Easy Card (NT500) for travelling on Taipei Metro MRT and buses. This can be done using the self-service ticketing machine.
thks alot man..

still waiting for ts to reply me.. anyway..

i a noob new u guys help to plan my iternary

i flyin on 2th march 1pm n and return on 7th 6pm flight..
will be stayin all 5 night at ts..

still workin now so really not much time to plan so seek u guru help..
was hopin for the few standard place to visit..

but since i dont know their location well so it hard to plan.. if u guy can help with the iternary.. i try my best to look though the map..

hope to visit the jk wu desert shop,24 book shop,xmt, si ling,tong siao gong loo,101,and other gd recommend.

tks for all u guy help.

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