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Hi, I'll be going to Taiwan next week. Need help in what transport to take for my trip:

Full Day Trip:
Yeliu geographical park -> shifen -> jiufen -> ximenting

I know that some has been replied in this tread but I've really don't have time to browse thru. Anyone can advise me what transport to take for the following trip? Thanks.
Uh, i got those info, somewhere in this forum. Personally, I only managed to go Yehliu + Shifen waterfalls on that day, cos I started out late..

I stayed at XMD area too.

Also, I went to Ruifang Train stn, but did not take train from there to Shifen, cos when I went, the next train was a long wait.. So I took a cab outside the train stn to Shifen instead. Standard price, 400NT.

If any info wrong, someone pls point out =) Cos this info, i gathered on my july trip last yr. Not sure if anything outdated.

  • Go out by exit 1 at Taipei Main STN. Take a Kuo Kuang Bus from the North Station of KuoKuang. Look for the Guo Guang counter and purchase tickets to Yeliou. Bus 19. Go in Yeliu must pay NT50
  • From Yeliu take a Keelung Bus to the Keelung Main Station(last stop). The bus stop can be found opposite the bus stop u alight at Yeliu. (NT44)

  • From the front of the Keelung Railway Station (will see starbucks and burger king) take a Keelung Bus to Ruifang. (NT50) Tourists can opt to transfer to 'ping xi'(平溪線火車) line in 'ruifang' railway station.
  • Afterwhich they can either alight at 'da hua'(大華站) station or 'shi fen' (十分) station. take a15mins walk along the railway to reach 'shi fen' waterfall


u can take a direct bus from Zhong Hsiao Tung Rd, takes abt 1.5hrs... or can take train to RuiFang, n take a bus there

Train from Taipei to Ruifang (NT80 standing ticket) (40min interval, 40min journey) Reach Ruifang, across the street take bus to Jiufen (NT19, 10-15 minutes ride)

From Shifen, take train to Ruifang. Reach Ruifang, across the street take bus to Jiufen (NT19, 10-15 minutes ride). If wan to go Jinguashi then purchase the admission ticket (NT80) from Ruifang.

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