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For Hong Kong Food you may want to try here

For you Mango Desserts Crave
There are 2 shops in CWB

Airport Bus alway give 1 hrs+ travel time due to traffic jams...
Agree on the overly optimistic timing.

Try to be at checkin a little earlier. Still need time to clear immigration and walk to gate etc. as well as have a look see/use toilet at airport.

Hk customs can be busy. Took me 1 hour to clear immigration alone on most trips there, also landing at about same time as kenloonglow.
Then there is all the misc time - taxing from runway to aerobridge, taking the airport train, baggae claims, getting a little lost, picking up brochures, walking to the Airport bus terminus.

Jams can be bad. Was caught in 1. Took 25 min to travel 500m.

You do not check out at 5 pm. You have to check out at stiplulated timing (usually noon or 1pm; some hotel have late checkout at 3pm). Otherwise the hotel has the right to bill you extra. Leave luggage with bellhop captain.

Don't not leave at 5pm to catch a 7pm flight. Safer timing would be to leave by 4pm. Again if checkin is crowded and it will be at that kind of time, if immigration and carry on inspection is crowded, you might run late. Nothing is clear cut.

As for Hui Lau Shan, it depends on whether you love mangoes. I hated it but my wife loved it. There is hardly anything else without mangoes.
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