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Most Taiwanese are happy with this decision. As long as the KMT stays on the Unification trail ,and are not Pro ROC - Taiwan, the Taiwanese will keep on doing this.What next: SYS mem Hall, Martyr's shrine. There is no way that the ROC can recover the Mainland , and 84% of the population do not relate to the Mainland as their Motherland (Just land of their ancestors) not their home, Taiwan is their home. If the KMT does not get with the Taiwanese program they will lose again in 2008.
I dunno, but name-changing in Spore is a very major issue. A lot of money will be pumped into juz for the sake of the name changing. But wat disappoints me is that a major renov is to be taken place for CKS Mem Hall which involves in tearing down of the walls and gates. I dunno, maybe I dun have a very comprehensive knowledge of the Taiwan history, but the renov seems a little too much for me, as that place is of some historical value.

Whoever in power has the key to set his or her policies. I believe thats wat the Taiwanese voted for.
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