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Most Taiwanese are happy with this decision. As long as the KMT stays on the Unification trail ,and are not Pro ROC - Taiwan, the Taiwanese will keep on doing this.What next: SYS mem Hall, Martyr's shrine. There is no way that the ROC can recover the Mainland , and 84% of the population do not relate to the Mainland as their Motherland (Just land of their ancestors) not their home, Taiwan is their home. If the KMT does not get with the Taiwanese program they will lose again in 2008.
I beg to differ, i've been observing politics of taiwan for quite sometime, reading newspaper, watching news and watching their political programs (both pro green and blue station, u'll get what i meant). I think this name changing exercise is pointless for most of the taiwan people. (Especially those who are not so political oriented) The emotion stirred up by this incident can be read as a political move to prepare for the 2008 election as well as the 2007 election for legislator.

However many feel that the cost is way to high, given after chaining the postal service and the national petroleum company, airport and others, tons and tons of money are spent just for a change in name. In fact only Chinese name is change (e.g. from chung hwa postal to taiwan postal but its English counterpart remains the same) Many of my Taiwanese friends feel pointless for the name change and in fact there is a survey conducted that indicate many does not support the change.

I understand you may have certain orientation in regards to unification but i guess for KMT they can win even if they do not follow such drastic measures such as name changing. In fact i say a lot of middle voters are the determinant for the wining of the upcoming 2008 election. Thus those move mainly appease the southerners who are inclined of the pro Taiwanese program.

Anyway i can rant on and on(there are too much to talk about) etc but just want to make this casual and sharing of my thought, not saying you're wrong, No matter what everyone have their rights on their opinion rite? No offense dude.
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