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dim-sum in the shape of rabbit, is common is Hong Kong but it will be those high ends restaurants ones... Mostly you can find them in Hotel restaurants...

Kenloonglow, hope you like Hong Kong. You might experience some culture shock in shopping & dinning areas in Hong Kong, for 1st timer.
Mainly in the way hongkongers speak cantonese; quite different from the crude form we use over here. HK girls,rich or poor, also like to dress up very nicely. Even if not pretty, still look presentable with makeup and neat clothings.

Since your wife likes to shop, bring her to Trendyland (whic sells Hello Kitty & Disney gifts), especially the one in Cameron Road, near a big music shop called Tom Lee. When I was last there, the cashier was really eye candy that took away the drugdery of waiting for the wife and kids.

Service can be surprisingly good in HK; even the waiter in a el cheapo cafe was very polite.
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