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Thanks for all suggestions. Written into my list

Can tell what time to eat less crowded (for bf,lunch,dinner) ?

Pss! pei sei to ask, but like to much HK$ normally u guys bring?
1) Hongkongers love their food as much as we do. So very difficult to give an answer.
I've been to Sweet Dynasty at 4pm and it was still crowded. Had to queue outside during dinner time at 8pm.

Also been there at 12MN (closes at 1am on Friday & Sat) and it was STILL crowded.

This place is raking in money I tell u. Was at the counter paying up when armed security escorts came to pick up the days collection. On a Thursay, the restaurant earned S$16+k (imagine the collection on a busy weekend).

2) Even the high end restaurants can be very crowded. Went to Celestial Court for dim sum on a Thursday afternoon - full house (luckily I had a reservation via e-mail). And this is place where dim sum can cost S$70-80/pax.

3) How much to bring depends on you. My wife and I shop a bit and eat a little high end sometimes (>S$100/pax) so about $3-5k for a 3 to 4 day trip, depending on whether we bring the kids or not. Usually don't use my credit card unless I buy something at Tom Lee, the music store.

4) If you go to a cafe eg cafe de coral and it is crowded, it is okay to wait at a table for the diners to finish but don't rush them. Spread your chances by getting your wife to stand at a separate table.
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