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Hey i'm intending to go from 28th May to June 1st. Is it too late to book from Apr 2nd onwards? Because I am going overseas this coming Friday, no time to book. Will also miss the NATAS Travelfair.

Is it cheaper to book the tics and hotel thr agency or individually?

Depands on each person and each case basis...

If you like and enjoy go with tour group and hate to do research on the place you going. And wanted a tour guide who can guide you badly and do not mind to give tips to the tour guide or going to places that will be KANA CHOP like CARRORT CAKE like most tourist do...
Answer: Book Tour Agent, Go with Tour Group

If your know to place. Done some research. On Budget. Shoppping Trip to Hong Kong. Food Trip to Hong Kong. (Hong Kong got the BEST Chinese food!!). Able to speak English or Cantonese or Mandrain. Been to Hong Kong before. Friends, family member, releatives in Hong Kong. Backpacking through China. Going to the places that you wish to go but tour guide/group/agent do not go.
Answer: DIY; Flights Tickets, Hotels, Hostel, Apartment, Food & etc... yourself
End of the day you still save some time & $$$ (Depands how your spend)

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