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Buy @ Trendyland. But note: Trendyland may have a different range of products and the products may not say "Hongkong Disneyland" (you pay a premium for this phrase).

Alternatively, checkin early, there is an official HK Disney shop at the departure hall. Those money grabbing b*stards. Won't even let you off on the way home.

I have to agree with lowjk, Offical Hong Kong Disneyland, Gift Shop at the Airport Departure Hall are really money grabbers *******. They will jack up the prices damm high!! Please do not buy if really really forget to buy some gift for you friends or family members.

Go to Trendyland@Causeway Bay to get them or TST.
銅鑼灣 駱克道 537號店 Tel:2882 1013

320 駱克道 is not faraway from 537 駱克道. Only 5 mins walk away, shop will close at 12 midnight. Open at 10 or 11am.

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