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Hmm.... For me, I'd gladly purchase from parallel importers if I know any of them personally. I got to know the boss of Watch Arena indirectly from a friend's friend blah blah blah... though I do not get better prices, at least I get assurrance from him that I'm buying a brand new piece from hk, japan or whatever country he gets his stock from. Warranty is sometimes better than local ADs.... they're generally blank, and u can fill in your name, address and make it yours. of course, if u're wearing a 'Y' series Sub, it's pretty unlikely that the warranty will be acknowledged if your warranty card is dated today in 2007.

Put it this way... if u're afraid of buying a fake or unreliable piece from them, they're more than ten times afraid that they will be sued (maybe by Rolex?) if they sell u fakes. They've got more to lose definitely.

Pricewise, they're definitely cheaper than elsewhere. So take your time to make a choice between Parallel imports, Pre-owned or ADs.
wonder how come they want export the watches out and sell at lower price? over there no demand
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