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Yes ! finally going tw and hk tomorrow !! so excited!

posted are the itenery for my hk side trip
this if for those that want do shopping and first time in hk.

Note: all estimated expenses are based on per pax and excludes shopping stuff.

Hong Kong Tour 21st march – 25th march

Day 1: Wed 21st March 2007 (Hk life day)

Place of interest: 旺角, 廟街 花園街 金魚街

1100am: Arrived at HK international airport

1130am: Cleared customs, baggage collected.
Tourist counter. Remember to get bonus guide @ airport for
extra free gift at Disneyland and some discount vouchers.
Buy Octopus card 八達卡 HK$150 (HK$100 +Hk$50 deposit)
Airport Express Line Customer or arrival hall.

Proceed to AirBus Platform. Can walk down from Airport Express Line
Customer Service Centre.
Take Bus A21 to hotel. Or
Take airport express and change Mrt. 機鐵轉地鐵

1:00pm: Arrive at hotel. Check in.
1:30pm: Lunch at 好旺角
wanton noodle : 2pax : HK$25-$35
Recommended food : HK styled noodles, porridge.

2:00pm: Warm Up shopping. 旺角中心,新的城。
4:00pm: 許留山下午茶 dessert Hk 20
4:30pm: 潮流特區 信和 家樂商場
6:30pm: Take MRT to Jordan. Temple street Exit A
7:00pm: dinner at 興記 claypot rice : HK $18-$48
Oyster omelets $25. 2pax : HK$25-$50
8:00pm: 廟街夜市 temple street night market
9:00pm: Arrive at Monkok Mrt Exit D3/E2
女人街 Lady street
10:00pm: Walk from lady street to
花園街夜市 flower street night market金魚街
12:00am: Supper. Street food or 義順燉奶.
1:00am : Back to hotel zzzzzzzz

Estimate expense: $150 (mrt) + $150 : HK$300 = SG$60

Day 2: Thur 22nd March 2007 (TaiTai Day)
Place of interest: 尖沙咀 香港文化中心 香港博物館 海港城 YipFat Industrial Building
黃大仙廟 旺角 半島 hotel

8-9am: Wakeup and prepare

9:30am: 沙咀文化中心
Take Mrt to Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀
E 或 F出口,

可利用九龍公園徑 (YMCA旁) 或喜來登酒店地庫的行人隧道橫過

1  竹園 - 尖沙咀碼頭

1A 中秀茂坪 - 尖沙咀碼頭

2  蘇屋 - 尖沙咀碼頭

5  彩虹 - 尖沙咀碼頭

5A 盛德街總站 - 尖沙咀碼頭

5C 尖沙咀碼頭 - 慈雲山(中)

6  美孚 - 尖沙咀碼頭

6A 荔枝角巴士總站 - 尖沙咀碼頭

7  樂富 - 尖沙咀碼頭

8  九龍地鐵站 - 尖沙咀碼頭

8A 黃埔花園 - 黃埔花園 (循環線)

8P 海逸豪園 - 海逸豪園 (循環線)

9  坪石 - 尖沙咀碼頭

28 樂華 - 漢口道巴士總站

234X/234P 灣景花園 - 漢口道巴士總站bus:14B

9:40am Tim Sum at Serenade Chinese Restaurant映月樓 沙咀文化中心二樓。 Hk$70-$100
11:30am: 香港博物館
12:00pm: 名店街,海港城。(太太 theme)

Esprit Outlet P217-220, Basement 2, Palace Mall, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Open: M-F 11.00-21.00

Esprit Outlet, P103, Basement 1, Palace Mall, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Telephone : 2366 0366 Open: M-F 11.00-21.00

2:30pm: Take MRT to Kwan Tong Exit B3 turn right
Walk past crocodile Building and Look for YipFat Industrial Building
Wholesale Centre

Nike Factory Outlet, Unit G, 8/F, Yip Fat Factory Building, Phase II, 73-75 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon Tel: 2172 7938 Open : Mon - Sat 11:00 - 19:00 Sun & Pub. Hols 12:00 - 18:00

4:00pm Take train to黃大仙廟
5:00pm Take train back to 尖沙咀
5:10pm: High Tea at 半島Peninsula Hotel (Rated top 10 things to do before you die)
2pax $290 (yes its very ex..)
Or Tea and dessert at 糖潮. Or Dinner 澳門茶餐廳 $50-$70
8:00pm: Light show, 星光大道。
9:30pm: Dinner 澳門茶餐廳 $50-$70 or street food from mongkok
10:30pm: Take MRT to 油麻地
10:30pm: Mongkok Night path shopping
12:30am: hotel.

Expense : $100 breakfast + $145 high tea + $50 dinner + $50 misc : HK$345 (sg $79)

Day 3: Fri 23rd March 2007 Childhood day
Place of intrest: 大與山, City Gate, DisneyLand.

7:00am: Wake and shine! OMG !
8:00am: Breakfast at hk fastfood (really have to eat fast!)
8:30am: Arrive At Tung Chung MRT (via Lai King – 25min)
exit B. Take bus 23 to Giant Buddha.
9:30am Arrived at Giant Buddha. Buy tickets (economical Tix @$20+
Climb stair to reach Buddha. Explore place. Pray, buy religious stuff.
Eat Soya bean curd (made with mountain spring water) free with tix.
10:30am: Leave Buddha. Take bus 23 back to Tunh Chung

11:00am: Tung Chung Mrt Exit C – City Gate (wholesale esprit Adidas, Nike, Levis)
12:00pm: Lunch at City Gate fast food again keke
12:50pm: Leave for Disney
1pm - 10:30pm: DisneyLand
10:30pm: Leave park.
11:00pm Reach monkok for supper and shopping if still have strength…
12:00am – 1am : Hotel zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Expense : $50 breakfast + $50 Lunch + $50 dinner + $295 Disney + 20 Buddha : HK$465 (sg $93)

Day 4: Sat 24rd March 2007 Soho day
Place of intrest: Central. Peak, sogo, wanchi, 半山服梯,Time Square.

8:00am: Wake and prepare.
9:00am: Buy bo lo bao and street food to cover till breakfast later
Take Bus A1 to Star ferry terminal.
9:15am Take star ferry.
10:30am: Take tram to central 中环
11:00am Take半山服梯 to 連香樓 for brunch. 威灵顿街与鸭巴甸街交界
or take cab. $50-100
12:30pm Visit 中區警暑, and 蘭芳園for famous Silk stocking milk tea.
1:30pm Shopping in the area or take tram from Causeway bay to time Square.
2:00pm Visit 龍城, Sogo, Time Square, Shopping belt around the area.
5:00pm 下午茶
5:30pm Take tram to happy valley, Arrive at bus terminal exchange sq. walk to peak
tram station along garden RD by foot from MRT central J2 Exit. Long
5:40pm Arrive at peak Tram Station. Buy optional 2-in-1 combo package
(peak + wax museum) $110 or just buy tram tix one way and experience
minibus from peak.

6:30pm Arrive at peak. Explore peak. Visit Wax museum if got tix.
7:30pm View peak sunset
8:00pm light show from peak view
8:30pm Leave peak by bus 15 back to central press bell after pass Bank of china. Or
take taxi or take tram back.
9:00pm Arrive Lan Kwai Fong 蘭桂坊. Dinner at 傭記. $150-$250
10:30pm 蘭桂坊 Pub and disco. Upon leaving walk to
Dullell Street for historic gas lamp.
Famous in hk drama and movies.
1am-3am Go back to hotel. Via taxi.

Expense : $100 Brunch + $250 dinner + $150 misc (cab and peak tram) : HK$920 (sg $90)

Day5: Sun 25rd March 2007 Final day day

9:30am: Wake up
10:00am Breakfast .
10:30am: Take MRT to 深水鋪 / 鴨寮街
12:00pm Take MRT to Price Edward MRT
12:30pm: 花園街 ,monkok last minute shopping
3:00pm: Lunch
5:00pm: Airport
6:30pm: Dinner Airport 大家樂
8:00pm Home sweet home.


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