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Some correctation, please correct me if i am wrong or disagree?

day 1: you should buy the 3 day tourist pass?
4pm: Is confirm more then HK$20 for your 許留山. I can assure you on that.
Going to Temple Street at 630PM is way to early as more of the stall just staring for business. As for your famous claypot is aready there since afternoon.

Day 2
You can walk from TST MTR to 香港文化中心 is really not far away. I had walk before less then 20 mins walk.
You can skip all the Esprit in TST and aim at Esprit, Citygate, Tung Chung.
Peninsula Hotel high tea is not the 10 thing you must die for.
Best Decor: The avant-garde Felix, in The Peninsula hotel
Take a trip to here --->
The 2006 Best of the Best Culinary Awards competition
The Hopewell Tower Revolving 66 Restaurant, Wan Chai
YOU WILL BE AWE BY THE STUNNING VIEW of Hong Kong!! (S$10 bet on that!!)

Day 3
If you want to rush to Disneyland you have to wake up damm early like 6am to avoid morning crowd and mainland crowd at Disneyland Hong Kong.
Is the best view if you take the Cable Car to the Giant Budda and understand the view of Hong Kong. Rather then the Bus 23, must faster also.
Once you are out the Dinsyland Hong Kong. You going to Tung Chung and go back Disneyland. ARE YOU REALLY SURE? Seem you had got it wrong liao... *Shake Head*

Day 4
Bo Lo Bao/Wife Cake, you must try at Wing Wah; 香港榮華餅家 or Kee Wah Bakery Shop << >>can me found around Hong Kong. (Not to worry if you are going to Kung Tong MTR, you will see Kee Wah Bakery Factory which is the freshly bake out from the factory)

蘭芳園 got milk tea, pork bun, spring onion noodles & other cha chan ting stuff.
Go to Peak 1st and you will see more thing in the Day rather then the night view. Is more colder in the night anyway.
Night time you can go Causeway Bay to shopping until you drop. Shopping Mall like Jumbo SOGO & Time Square!!

Dullell Street Historis Gas Lamp is on top of LKF so pls take note.
You can only catch midnight movies at Mongkok Area if you want?

Hope i can help...

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