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Any inputs? Thanks.
DAY ONE (NIGHT) - Arrive at CKS at 1825 - [Tue]
- ShihLin Night Market - by the time u reach shilin abt 8pm
- Eslite Bookshop
- XMD -- shops close at 10+, u might wan to skip Eslite bookshop

DAY TWO - [Wed] - edited (very packed day)
- Wulai - is outskirt of taipei , total journey roughly 1hr ++
- Beitou - hotspring only (i spend abt 2hrs+ there)
- Danshui - can go ard late afternoon 4 or 5pm, you may wan to go fisherman wharf for lover's bridge lightup (7pm) & sunset (check with the locals)
- EZ5 - no idea
- XMD - ok

DAY THREE - [Thu] (very packed day)
- Yehliu
- Keelung
- Jinguashin
- Jiufen
above journey by train & change to buses. (only went to Jiufen)
- Miramar - enough time?? u can take a free shuttle bus at (jiantan) shilin night mkt mrt station.
- MiaKow Night Market (location?) - no idea

DAY FOUR - [Fri] - seems ok
- Taipei main stn area
- Xinyi area
- Wufenpu
- Raohe night market

DAY FIVE - Depart CKS at 1740 - [Sat]
- Tian Mu (quite quiet when i was there, there is a factory outlet sellling cheap branded clothings)
- Wanhua area (longshan temple there?, actually nothing much to see, only the night mkt, but also lousy one, haha)
and any other places not gone/done...

actually sat u can go XMD, daytime XMD, sat more "happening", if u lucky can see some artistes. I saw twice (photoshooting & recording of variety program) but duno their names..ahha

ZhongXiao East rd area?

my 2cents worth
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