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Hey pple new member here have been reading the previous threads..haha exhaustive amt but really very useful...just wanted 2 consolidate opinions regarding my "schedule" for 5D4N cos confirmed going TW in coming april...will be staying at wonstar hotel...oso abit concerned abt the weather?

Day one
-Reach airport at nite (by jetstar)
-check in to hotel
-get to jiantan stn (shilin nite market)
-partyworld ktv

Day 2
-bus 260 at ximen stn stop 2 yms
-bus 108 4 internal travel (isit like one straight bus travelling loopwise thru-out yms or maybe like sentosa gt certain stops 2 walk arnd etc? will 2 hr 30 min be sufficient? Dun intend to trek much just maybe browse sig spots den take pic)
-bus 230 directly to Beitou
- asia pacific/spring resort shuttle bus to pao~~ (oso wanna noe on average how long u all can stay in the pools...cos abit unsure regarding how much time 2 spend time...all 1st timers 4 wen quan here)
-shuttle bus back to beitou stn
-beitou hot spring museum (maybe aboriginal cultural museum? see if gt time and dunno whether both will be interesting if nt maybe skip?)
-head for danshui head for yurenmatou by bus red 26
-after watching sunset head back 2 danshui lao jie walk arnd laze arnd
-Eslite bkshop at zhongxiao dunhua(or is there anywhere nearer to xmd? nt sure whether there will be time after danshui 4 this thou...but dun mind staying till quite late since its 24hr)

day 3
-cks memorial hall in the morn (cks memorial hall stn...wanna noe how long will it take 2 walk 2 cks...isit very ez 2 spot?)
-maybe 11+ take mtr to houshanpi stn 4 wufenpu (very unsure abt opening hrs of wufenpu during wkdae??)
-raohe nite market 4 dinner walk arnd abit oso
-tp city hall (wanna walk xin guang san yue...warner village...nyny den to 101)
- go back 2 xmd internet cafe (nt sure where thou just wanna exp abit)

day 4
-jiufen (any clear instructions on how 2 get there? cos nt very sure like how 2 just go jiufen since alot of threads include yehliu & keelung...actually intend to go yehliu and keelung oso but only gt half a dae 2 spare no way 2 finish so wanna squeeze in as much as possible)
-tianmu ps bubu (wanna eat there definitely dunno whether we high budget enuff 2 shop arnd there since sum members mention stuff like ralph lauren etc?)
-miramar 2 take ferris wheel
-dunno if gt time 4 shilin
*can members pls gimme more advice regarding this dae..cos really very unsure of where we can cover along the jiufen keelung area maybe till 3 pm since we intend 2 get to tianmu and take ferris wheel....or isit really outta the way...(confused)?*

day 5
-maybe just shop arnd zhongxiao dun hua area considering go jacky wu dessert shop & shop abit arnd tp stn underground mall b4 leaving mid afternoon 2 get to airport 4 jetstar return flight

just wondering if my schedule can work out...or isit 2 rushed 2 be done...? will really appreciate if sum advice can be given cos first time in tp really wanna fully utilise the time there...thx alot~~~

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