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hey guys.. need help on my schedule as im gg hk with my frens from 2-6 apr.. we are all gg for firs time so we know nuts bout where to go or is the schedule feasible.. thnx!!

flight at 645
reach at 11 i tink
hotel at mk-but how to go there?
take Airport express to TsingYi then change MTR to Mongkok. IIRC, need to change at another MTR station.

any advice on where to go after check in?
mongkok can go fayuen street and all the nearby streets where they got 'pasar malam'
then also can go up-market shopping at tsim sha tsui (30 minutes walk). walk along nathan road IIRC to reach tsim sha tsui.

day 2:
tung chung mtr
prepare to do lots of shopping here
cafe rendezous
nvr go cafe rendezous b4, no comments
giant buddha- go by cable or bus better?
take cable is faster and better view.
bus is longer but is much cheaper. the last time i went, i took cable up, and bus down.

tst mtr
avenue of stars
anywhere else after this?

DISNEYLAND! will it b better if we buy our tix at mtr stns?

star ferry terminal
take ferry to central

no need to take ferry to central, nothing much about the ferry anyway, more convenient to take mtr from mongkok directly to central

蘭芳園? where is this place?
IIRC, frm central 5 mins walk


tram to happy valley
happy valley only certain period then got 'horse racing'.

then from here how to go peak?
peak is walkable from central mtr.

no idea..

sorry but i really have alot of questions to ask.. please pardon me..
1. how does the tram system work in hk?
2. any place that you guys suggest we go for shopping for 19-yo guys?
3. is there a need to buy the octupus card?

a million thanks!
see reply in quote

must get the map from the airport when u reach there.most of the places u stated are within walkable distance from the MTR station. even MTR station are very near, like jordan and mongkok are like 10-15 mins walk away only.

meanwhile u can go Hongkong tourist center in suntec to get brochures about where to go in hongkong and maps in hongkong
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