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Chaiyi --> Alishan --> Yushan

asking on behalf for my frd...

1 ) Direction from Chiayi Train Station (TS) to Alisan, What is the possible and recommended mode of transport to Alisan from Chiayi TS?

2) Alisan to Yushan From Alisan how do we get to Yushan? The nearest visitor ctr is Tataka? from tataka we can trek to yushan? How long is the journey from Alishan to Yushan?

3) Generally, what would be the recommended days of stay at the different stop,i.e, Alisan and Yushan, if just for the purpose of sightseeing

4) Recommendation of lodging for Alishan & Yushan?

5) Is it possible to get to Sun Moon Lake from these places?
Thanks a lot!

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