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Dear all, im most probably going on a 'shopping' tour and a lil sight seeing., but im too sure about the relative vicinity of the different places. So im having abit of difficulties in planning my intinerary. Hope bros who are familiar can help.. Below are the places i hope to visit. Im staying at TS hotel.

1) XMD
2) Shilin
3) Wu Fen Pu
4) Raohe Night Market -> Anything interesting? Else i will skip it.
4) Mirammar -> what do they have there? The website doesnt seem to say alot.
5) Taipei 101
6) Ding Tai Feng
7) Yu Ren Ma Tou -> Heard the evening scenary is good
8) Guanghua electronics

Anywhere that you think i should visit? Im only there for 4D3N..

Thanks all..

other places >>>

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