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Just curious.

Secondly, how was the Ngong Ping Skyrail Experience? Is it worth the travelling time provided its free?
Tip - very crowded on weekends and PH. My waiting time was about 1 hr (on a Friday before X'mas). Can ask for standing room only (ie you don't get to sit, just stand all the way for the ride) -> jump queue. (it's called "kay piu" - standing ticket).

Ride - initial impression : very nice scenery
After 10 min : when will the ride end??

NP village : Nothing very much to do. Shop, eat, photos and video presentation. Unfortunately, having been to HK Disneyland, the presentations are nothing to shout about (and was in fact quite boring) (compared to the interactive "Stitch" presentation).

Food standard - not that good compared to what you get elsewhere.

Can go to the big Buddha after this and have some vegetarian snacks/bean curd which are actually not bad.
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