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tt time, went on peak period, the queue at custom was like 1/2 hr to 1 hr, can't exactly remember .

tt time i went disney, i took the whole day. the highlights of disney is the fireworks at night, so i think you would not want to miss that. the fireworks at disney in a night is equal (actually better) to the fireworks of our NDPs (for all 30+ years, not 1 year fireworks, lol).
so if u dunwan to spend whole day @ disney, maybe u can go there in the afternoon till night. tt time when i went there, the disney was still under construction and there are some parts (or theme world) not open yet. i think if u wanna try all the rides now, maybe might need 1 day. but if your purpose is to take photos and look see, maybe no need the whole day bah

just after luohu custom, u will see a building (forget the name liao)
inside the building, u can find lots of small shops that sells almost every fashion stuffs from bags to watches to shoes to clothes to LED torchlights etc etc.
make sure to bargain there. the prices can be slashed to up to 50%

i remember i bought a 5 matchstick automatic watch there for 200rmb (or was it 250rmb). the starting price they gave me was like 500-600rmb...

handbags slashed from 200-300 to 100+

then there's dongmen, where i think they sell more of those branded stuffs, not too sure abt what exactly to expect there as nvr go there to jalan jalan.
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