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Just back from Hong Kong, wanna share my experience...

Shopping: Did most of our shopping at Ladies' Street & TST. As for the boutiques, found them to be abt the same price as SIN, tho the variety was definitely there

Symphony of Lights: Not bad, gd thing I was there slightly earlier, interesting show

CityGate: Factory outlet prices were good, but I thought the range was a little limited at Adidas and Nike outlets. Overall, managed to keep us occupied for a while at other shops

Moving around HKG: We bought the Octopus Card, very convenient. Impressed by the Airport Express train, v fast and comfortable

Disney: Not much to say, as expected, it's Disney after all though I found it a little small

Food: Sweet Dynasty didn't turn out as good as I thought, maybe it's the hype surrounding it. The Shu Liu Shan drinks were superb, I think we drank abt 5 each in 2 days!

Accomodation: 1st night - I'll refrain from posting details in this thread, suffice to say that when one does business, expectations management & transparency are key. PM me for details if any of you would like to know more. I leave it as inexperience on seller's part in this case. 2nd night at Disney Hollywood Hotel, for abt $250, was excellent on its own.

Overall, short but sweet, gd trip!
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