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I'm not too sure abt the operating hours.. i think its 135NT iirc. Think u can google for the site.

Yeah, according to some of my searches, it says around 1hr 15 mins - 1.5 hrs, depending on how long u wait for the cab.
usually the trip is around 1hr depending on traffic conditions.. if the traffic is clear, it takes only around 45 mins..

fyi after you clear custom, proceed left and walk to the freego counter to purchase the bus tickets, just buy both the return and departure ticket together because it is more cheaper if you buy in a bundle (240NT instead of 270NT)..for the timing, the bus operates from early morning (5+) to midnight at a interval of 30mins (off peak period) to 15mins (peak period).. after that go out to the freego berth and tell the conductor that you wanna go TS.. and there you go..
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