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pardon me for my ignorance but from above it really seems like bus 2 goes from mui wo to ngong ping.. so does it go from tai o to tung chung too? *confused*
Hi Alo, I had been to Tai O for more then 6 times for the passt years to tase the famous Tai O Beancurd made by the Famous Ah Po Beancurd.
Tai O famous Salted Fish if you like to cook! And also Tai O Famous Dried Fish Belly, to make the Cantonese fish belly soup.

I had also tried the Tai O Tan Chai cook by charcoal, Dried Cuttlefish & Fish Belly BBQ Style.

I had been to Tai O a few times by Taxi & Bus.

Taxi cost you around HK$200+ to Tai O as is Super Fast Ride like sitting on a Blue Takumi Subaru Inital D Car...

Bus is a bumpy ride where set you to around HK$20 on your Octpous Card.ip around 45mins or more... But you will notice to pass by some nice view and prison along the way...

Bus hunmber 11 if i am not wrong. Please kindly confirm at the Tung Chung MTR Station Master if you want or the bus driver if you speak some cantonese or mandrain.

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