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I am thinking of a safe choice, go via airport express to kowloon, then go dickson ware house before taking a cab to the hotel...

Also considering to take a free shuttle to jodan road then take cab or mtr up to prince edward..

Is it feasible?

Btew, i would like to know where is the lai chi kok industrial building, castle peak road?

Is it near the lai chi kok road/
The building is very near the MTR station. If i'm not wrong, you go out from Exit A, then turn right n walk to Castle Peak Rd. Then turn right n walk straight n u will c the industrial building on ur right.

Anyway, u can search the directory at the MTR station. There are boards indicating all the places at different Exit. I think the address of the industrial building is 491 Castle Peak rd. U can see at the map located in the MTR station
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