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Bus no. 15 go all the way up to the peak (took ard 45min-1hr)

The bus takes the scenic route up to the peak. I would suggest taking the bus either up or down. It can be hair raising at time. The bus drivers can drive fairly quickly because of their familiarity with the roads. It's overlooked by many visitors. This is the better option during peak hours and especially on weekends when the tram terminal is overflowing.

Bus no. 15C go to tram station then u take tram up to the peak
It takes a long time during peak hours (in the later afternoon) and on weekends. During this time take 15 up to the peak and take the tram down.
the que is awesome, but at the tram station itself there's an express lane which has not much pple one, you just need to get the tram tix + the wax museum together and you can jump the que.
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