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business, office shirt - G2000 lor. In the building where the Macau ferry is located, at the end of Harbourcity, TST. There is a small G2000 selling stuff quite cheap. They were selling long sleeve shirts at HK$60 only. Of course colour and size not that wide. But cheaper than other outlets.

Watches? You mean the 6 for HK$100 swatch lookalike at Temple Street?
my experiences with watches:
never buy those imitation watches for SGD$30 or above
chances are they will spoil within a year...
bought a 5 matches frm shenzhen for HKD200 i think
less than 1 year, the 'luminious' sticker for one of the 'number' came off

the winding mechanism also got problem

think i'll be better off buying a authentic swatch automatic.

P.S: reason for buying 5 matches is because it's automatic, not because it's 5 matches
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