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back from naruwan last sunday

no much rain except abt 30 min on 3rd night

if go shopping i suggest any girls to take mrt to gong guan just walk out of mrt a lot of shops much better than in wu fen pu and better quality, price same same and best of all u can try before buy not like in wu fen pu my wife bought a lot but cannot try. but have to go on weekend more offers and choices, after shopping theres one public park behind which was designed quite well that you would be refreshed and recharged.

we spend a day in wulai dipping in the natural hotspring shiok and best of all free but dun be like me never bring extra clthes just dip in with my original clothes and wait for it to dry before heading other places. just take mrt to sindian and take bus behind information counter a "wu lai ke yun" with easylink card and 25nt each reach e last stop and walk into the aboriginal village and you will see a slope down and wallla reach e hotspring.

we didnt go to much places as my wife only go out after 12 so only been to yeliou nice sight. but quite a long journey.

guys try to skip huaxi night mkt unless u wanna try somethings daring else dun waste time.

nowadays shilin is so packed and its something like our chinatown in new yr eve so packed and cant shop in peace.

and guys if u collected e receipts pls drop in box provided so that charity organisation could get the prize if won since you wont be able to collect e prize unless u work there or travel there often

tats all for e day
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