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someone PM me regarding minsu in hualien. Let me reply here.
recommended by a lot of pple in this forum and i've personally stayed there. v. friendly owner
They've move to a new house constructed by the sea and I've notice they increase their price (but still affordable)
Just call her number to book and tell her you're recommended by singaporeans here.
(PS, make sure u dun spoilt her image of us singaporeans, ie meaning she dun take deposit for bookings but make sure you show up etc.). We do hv a v. good reputation with her. Regarding how to hv fun around hualien, I shall leave it to this minsu owner, but taroko gouge is a MUST visit for hualien.

My own experience -> She makes really nice breakfast for us and we even get choices. If you go during winter, forumers here say u can ask her to cook jiangmu duck (but comes at a small cost). seems like her specialty. Transportation is arranged by her. I think 1-day cab booking for taroko gouge is about NT$2000. She'll make the arrangement. Otherwise, if u wish to ride yourself, its abt NT$300 for 50cc bike. Car rental is about NT$1200.
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