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I went Taipei on 23-27 May. Ya agree with what some of the members say...Super duper hot! I became so dark after my trip. Though its better than having rainy weather as it will hinder sight seeing but its still very uncomfortable walking under the hot sun the entire day. Lucky none of us fell ill.

I love the food though. Esp the "Ah Zhong mee sua" @ Xi Men Ding. We booked a cab for a day trip. It's quite economical since it's spilt amongst 4 pax & it also allowed us to visit many places within a day. I remembered we went Jiu Fen, Fishermen Wharf, some memorial parks or buildings, xiao you keng etc etc, I'm not good with the names so can't remember most of them

Those who are interested to try the hot spring i recommend Villa 32. It's very very nice. Me & my friends took the private room. 2 of us shared a room. Cost $3000nt per room so it's $1500nt per pax for 1.5 hours. The public one cost $3000nt per pax for 4 hours. - highly recommended!
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