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Hi i'm planing to go hk in august. This is my first trip there so there r things tat i'm still checking out..

The hotel tat was recommended to me is Metropark Hotel Mongkok (Formerly Hotel Concourse). Any1 stay in this hotel recently? How is e hotel? Is e room big enough to hold 3 adults? Are there any others hotels which u all would recommend?

I would be there for 4d3n like to ask those of you who has been to hongkong wat was the price u pay for the whole package including the airtickets (exclude airport tax). O n myflight will b cathay pacific n total price is more than $1600. Is it too ex?
Hi, i just came back from Hk last wk. Stayed int he Metropark Mongkok. An average hotel. Neither fantastic nor lousy. Think hotels in HK are just like that. The room can accomodate 3 adults. I got a king size bed. But might be a bit squeezy for 3 guys. It got several Hk cafes ard the hotel and some are even 24hrs. Rem to try a noodle stall opp the hotel when u exit from the carpark sidedoor. Its juz across the road and the signboard is a big chinese character " Mian".
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