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is there any transport from taichung to hualien? how long would it take apart from the TRA train?

from taipei to hualien, how you all purchase your train tickets? by advance booking or where do i go to book? is it a railway train or by bullet train?

any recommendations on what time i should visit taipei 101? night or afternoon better view?
just think of taiwan as a potatoe shape. the center portion is all covered in mountains mountains & more mountains. hence, in general, there's no transport from western coast to eastern coast of taiwan, u'll need to do the roundabout the north.

tht being said, if u drive, u can drive thru the mountain roads but.
1. most taiwanese will tell u its not safe
2. its really slow (coz mountain roads), still better to do the roundabout northern route thingie.

there's no bullet train from taipei to hualien, u can book in advance or buy on spot. the difference is u may not get seats & hv to stand. there's bus from taipei to hualien too, but its definitely much faster by train.

as for 101, best time is when weather is clear, ie no rain, no fog. taipei is usually shrouded in some kind of "mist" very similar to KL.
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