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thanks everyone for the advice =)

for those who went hualian from taipei
can i ask whats your tour plan along the way to hualian???
Is it all the tour is spend at Hualian or u guys got divide portion of the tour into Yilan and Hualian
cos i see from the map is Taipei -> Yilan -> Hualian
but i read through the forum and it seem most pp jus travel from taipei to hualian
without spending any days in Yilan and return back Taipei

sorry for the long questions

thanks in advance for any advice cos i cannot make up my mind
whther shld i spend the second day to travel directly to hualian
then when returning to taipei , then go visit Yilan
go yilan then hualian then go back taipei

原来幸福。。。 也可以很简单。。。
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