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My Itinerary on Taipei trip(Any comments?)

Day 1 Tue 14 Aug 07 Singapore to Taipei
- When you clear the immigration upon arrival, don't go down the escalator yet. Look for this Naruwan Girl (Brochure Stand). Get the free prepaid card, Tourist pass, maps
- Show the tourist pass to FreeGo counter for discount. Take Freego to Taipei railway Stn
- Go Taipei Main STN to buy train ticket to Hualien (805NT to and fro, express train) think they close before 10pm??
- Buy the Easy card at the Jiantan station or 7-11 (500NT, 100NT refundable deposit)
Shillin Night Market 1 & 2
Get there: take MRT to Jiantan STN, once alight from the mrt, turn to the right for Exit 1.

1000 - Move off to Changi Airport
1100 - Check-in with luggage and Went for lunch
1300 - Take flight to Taipei
1740 - Reached Airport. Take Freego Bus to Taipei station and then Taxi to Hotel
2000 - Reached Hotel / Check-in / Unload
2030 - Go Taipei Main STN to buy train ticket to Hualien
2100 - Leave and take MRT to Shilin Market 1 & 2
2330 - Spend the rest of night in Shilin till last train.(whats the last train timming??)

Day 2 Wed 15 Aug 07 Yilan
Cilan National Forest Recreation Area
Get there: From Yilan, take a Kuo-Kuang bus on the Lishan, Nanshan Village, or Taipingshan line; or from Luodong, take a bus on the Tuchang or Taipingshan line and get off Cilan Nursery
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Get there: On weekends and holidays, take a Kuo-Kuang bus from Yilan or Luodong to Taipingshan
National Center for Traditional Arts
Get there: Take a train to Luodong Station and switch to a taxi; the drive takes 15 min. Alternatively, from Luodong railway station take a Kuo-Kuang bus to Dajhong Temple and walk about 10 more min
Dongshan River Water Park
Get there: From in front of Luodong Railway station, take a Kuo-Kuang bus to Dongshan River Water Park

0600 - Wake-up call
0645 - Morning train 0645 to Yilan (What the train timing and place to take??)
1000 - Reached Hotel / Check-in / Unload(Which Hotel??)
1030 -Go Cilan National Forest Recreation Area(Places of interest in Yilan??)
1230 -Go Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
1430 -Go National Center for Traditional Arts
1630 - Dongshan River Water Park
1800 - Back to Hotel

Day 3 Thur 16 Aug 07 Hualian/Yilan

- There’s a half day tour which is 500NT which you can take. It starts at 10.30, end at 4.30. Brings you around in Taroko Gorge. You can take the tour coach at the train station (Bus with "Tour Taiwan" on it), just go ask the Visitor Center, they will tell you where to board. You pay the driver(cum guide). It includes transport and tour. Food is not included, but they give you like an hour to eat your lunch and can arrange for you for a meal with a hotel and cafeteria. Would recommend this than taking cab on your own.
- Tour highlight includes Marble Factory, Swallow Grotto, Shakadang trail, Taroko Gorge, Ci Mu bridge, Martyr’s Shrine temple and Qi Xing Tan
- In Taroko gorge, Went to Chang Chun Ci, Yan Zhi Kou, Jiu Qu Dong, Tian Xiang.
- Remember to buy muah chee
Get there: Go Taipei main station there got train station to hualien, 3hrs ride

0600 - Wake-up call
0645 - Morning train 0645 to Hualien (left luggage at Hotel)
1000 - Book tour on the spot or get a local guide for Taroko Tour
1030 - Go for Taroko Tour and have lunch.
1430 - Go七星潭Qi Xing Tan (beach) for a fantastic beach view for phototaking
1630 - Go Hualien Sea World/ li yu tan (carp/koi lake). (Tentative)
1800 - Back to Yilan

Day 4 Fri 17 Aug 07 Yilan

0730 Wake-up call
0800 Tour around Yilan (still plannning)
1900 Back to Taipei or stay at Yilan???

Day 5 Sat 18 Aug 07 Taipei
Ding Tai Feng
Get there: MRT to Zhong Xiong Dun Hua (忠孝新生站)/ Guting station for Ding Tai Feng, No 194, Sec.2, Xinyi Rd.. Walk from the MRT station around 10-15mins.
Ice monster desert
Get there: Exit Ding Tai Feng, turn left into alley
CKS Memorial Hall
Get there: MRT to CKS memorial hall, open from 09.00 am ~ 17.00 pm
Long Shan Temple
Get there: MRT to Long Shan Temple, open from 09.00 am ~ 22.00 pm
Xi Men Ding
Get there: MRT to Ximen, Follow the sign and exit at 西门徒步区
Guang Hua Electronic market
Get there: MRT to ZhongXiaoXinSheng Exit 4 > Turn right, walk to second junction , turn left, walk 2 mins to new location. First traffic Lights is Bade Rd, On your Right the short street is full of Computer shops as well.
Taipei 101 Building
Get there: Took MRT to Taipei City Hall and walk there. Once u come out of the STN, there will be few bus stops, look out for the Taipei 101 shuttle bus-stop. The walking distance about 15 minutes and on way you'll pass by New York New York and V-Show Square.
Wu Fen Pu ( 五分舖 )
Get there: MRT stop is HouShanPi exit 4, open from 4.30pm~ 11pm
RaoHe Night Market ( 繞河夜市 )
Get there: exit WuFenPu at the SongShan Railway Station Exit, cross the bridge

0730 - Wakeup / an hour of preparation for everyone before leaving
0900 - Take mrt to ZhongXiongDunHua STN & taxi to DingTaiFeng, Long queue after 10
1030 - Leave for C.K.S Memorial Hall (remember to catch the hourly changing ceremony)
1130 - Leave for Longshan temple
1200 - Leave for Ximending, shop and eat lunch over there(If hotel over there, go far place?)
1500 - Leave for Guang Hua Electronic market
1600 - Leave for Taipei Ciy Hall STN (Taipei 101, Warner Village, Mitsukoshi Dept)
1630 - Dinner at Taipei 101 basement and shopping around the area
1830 - Leave for Wufenpu and shopping there
2100 - Leave for Raohe and shopping there
2200 – Shilin Night Market (optional)

Day 6 Sun 19 Aug 07 Taipei
- The KuoKuang /GouGuang Bus North Station is now known as Taipei Intercity
Bus Terminus.
- Exact change needed for buses here so kep a lot of NT50 and NT10 coins.
- Last train out of here at 10.30
Get there: Go out by exit 1 at Taipei Main STN. Take a Kuo Kuang Bus 19(NT92 per head) from the North Station of KuoKuang. Look for the Kuo Kuang counter and purchase tickets to Yeliu. Trip was around 1hr 20mins. Stopped at the Yeliu stop, go in Yeliu must pay NT50 and walked about 10-15mins to the Yeliu tourist park.
Get there: From Yeliu take a Keelung Bus to the Keelung Main Station( in front of the Convenience store across from where you get off at Yeliu). From there you can take a bus to Jinguashi, the bus stops at Ruifang and Jiufen on the way. In Keelung you have to cross the bridge to the other side to board bus to Jinguashi if coming from Yeliu:
Note: monday it's closed. The museums will be closed at 5pm.
Need to buy admission ticket to Jinguashi from Ruifang
Jiufen(sunset, evening)
Get there: from Yeliu, take a Keelung Bus heading to Keelung Train STN(1.5 hr) first. The bus stop can be found opposite the bus stop u alight at Yeliu. After reaching Keelung Train STN, ask around for the bus stop which is near Train STN to head for Jiufen(1hr).
Keelung+ Miaokow (night) seafood
Get there: From the bus stop opposite where you alighted for Yeliu earlier (in front of the Convenience store across from where you get off at Yeliu), take the Keelung bus. Fare is NT 44. If you want to go to Miao Kou, it's about 1-2 bus stops before the terminal.

0800 - Wakeup / an hour of preparation for everyone before leaving
0900 - Leave for Yeliu
1030 - Reached Yeliu, best is ask the driver where to stop and how to walk in.
1130 – Leave for Jinguashi & makan there, Buy the NT$80 admission ticket at Ruifang
1400 - Leave for Jiufen via Keelung, Buy train tix back to taipei, rem to ask wat is the last train timing. There is a train schedule on the big board.
1530 - Reached Jiufen
1700 - Walked finish Jiufen and leave for Miao Kou Night Market at Keelung. The night market is very near the Keelung Train STN.
1830 - Reached the Night Market
2100 - Leave for Taipei via a Kuokwang Bus at Keelung Train STN.

Day 7 Mon 20 Aug 07 Taipei

Yang Ming Shan
Get there: MRT to Jiantan and take Shuttle Bus Red-5 or Leisure Bus 109
Get there: Take MRT to XinBeitou. From there either wait for free shuttle provided by some hotspring places or take a cab.
Note: Hotspring Museum it is close on Monday
Tian Mu
Get there: Take MRT to Jiantan and transfer to Bus 220 to Tian Mu
Danshui ( 淡水 ) (noon to evening)
Get there: Take MRT to DanShui
Go Danshui old street & Fisherman wharf (sunset)
Miramar Ferris wheel
Get there: Take MRT to Jiantan – Bus 167/ MRT to Yuangshan. Exit #1 cross road diagonally to Soccer Stadium bus stop. Take 21, Red 2 both very frequent. or 247, 287)

0800 - Wakeup / an hour of preparation for everyone before leaving
0900 - Leave for Ya Tai Hot Spring bath at Xinbeitou
1200 - Depart for Tienmu + Lunch
1500 - Leave and take MRT to Danshui
1530 - Reached Danshui => proceed on to Lao Jie
(Look out for a bag shop that sell bags at 50NT!!! It is worth going. Ask around
& the ppl there will guide you)
1830 - Leave for Yurenmatou via a Bus called Red 26 at a bus stop near the Danshui
1900 - Watch Lover’s Bridge light up around 530pm
2000 - Took the boat back to Danshui from Yurenmatou.(Boat Tix = 40NT)
2015 - Leave for Shilin (Jiantan Station) and spend the rest of the night there

Day 8 Tue 21 Aug 07 Taipei - Singapore
National Palace Museum
- largest collection of priceless Chinese pieces of art
- (take mrt to Shilin STN, exit to ZhongZhang Road, either u take bus or taxi. I took taxi.)

0900 - Wakeup / an hour of preparation for everyone before leaving
1030 - Leave for Mcdonalds at Ximending.(wanna try whats the difference)
1130 - Taipei City Mall(jus like our citylink...but super long) + Guang Hua Electronic market+ National Palace Museum
1430 - Checkout => last minute shopping and playing
1500 - Leave for Airport via the same mini-bus again

原来幸福。。。 也可以很简单。。。
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