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harlow fellows,
this is my iternary, jus wan to share some info which i obtain from this forum
not sure whether the info is correct
hence, It would help if any one will be kind to do some feedback or any comment =)

thanks for any advice or comments on my iternary =p

Day 1 Tue 14 Aug 07 Singapore to Taipei

1740 - Reached Airport. Take Freego Bus to Taipei station and then Taxi to Hotel

Freego goes to most of the hotel, its only a matter of whether you need to change to a minibus

2330 - Spend the rest of night in Shilin till last train.(whats the last train timming??)

iirc should be 12am, better check at the train station

Day 5 Sat 18 Aug 07 Taipei
CKS Memorial Hall
Get there: MRT to CKS memorial hall, open from 09.00 am ~ 17.00 pm
looks like walking distance to me
from yong kang st
Wu Fen Pu ( 五分舖 )
Get there: MRT stop is HouShanPi exit 4, open from 4.30pm~ 11pm
can take bus No 284 or 611 from outside Warner Villlage

0730 - Wakeup / an hour of preparation for everyone before leaving
0900 - Take mrt to ZhongXiongDunHua STN & taxi to DingTaiFeng, Long queue after 10
1030 - Leave for C.K.S Memorial Hall (remember to catch the hourly changing ceremony)
1130 - Leave for Guang Hua Electronic market
1200 - Leave for Taipei Ciy Hall STN (Taipei 101, Warner Village, Mitsukoshi Dept)
1500 - Taipei 101 basement and shopping around the area
1600 - Leave for Wufenpu and shopping there
1630 - Leave for Raohe and shopping there
can consider having your dinner at Raohe
1830 - Leave for Longshan temple
take a train from songshan back to Taipei and transfer mrt to longshan
2100 - Leave for Ximending

i switch longshan and ximending last so less runnin up and down plus shops in ximending close later on a saturday nite and more cooling

Day 6 Sun 19 Aug 07 Taipei
- The KuoKuang /GouGuang Bus North Station is now known as Taipei Intercity
Bus Terminus.

you can go out by exit 6 of the underground mall and walk straight to the bus terminal

1030 - Reached Yeliu, best is ask the driver where to stop and how to walk in.

most of the bus driver will announce, there’s a direction sign to yehliu near the bus stop,walk down the flight of staircase (you will come to a small fishery port) and make your way there

1400 - Leave for Jiufen via Keelung, Buy train tix back to taipei, rem to ask wat is the last train timing. There is a train schedule on the big board.

why need to buy train ticket ?

Day 7 Mon 20 Aug 07 Taipei
Yang Ming Shan
Get there: MRT to Jiantan and take Shuttle Bus Red-5 or Leisure Bus 109

you can also take bus 260 from ximending

Miramar Ferris wheel
Get there: Take MRT to Jiantan – Bus 167/ MRT to Yuangshan. Exit #1 cross road diagonally to Soccer Stadium bus stop. Take 21, Red 2 both very frequent. or 247, 287)
there’s a free shuttle bus to miramar outside jiantan mrt

that's all i can remember from my previous trip, dont held me for responsible if the info is wrong.......

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