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hey I've amended my itinerary.. Dunno if its feasible??

Day 3 (Wed)
-Taipei 101
Warner Village
- Travel to KeeLung (aim to reach by 4pm, eat until 6-7)
- Wu Fen Pu @ ard 7+ [Songshan train station]
- Raohe NM (or can skip)
- Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua (maybe Ding Tai Feng)
Eslite bookstore ( He Ping Bookstore)
- Clubbing @ Luxy (Ladies Nite) [if not tired]

Day 4 (Thur)

-Yonghe @ Dingxi station for breakfast
-Partyworld [ktv]
-Danshui & Fisherman Wharf for sunset @ 647pm (aim to reach by 5.30)
-ShiLin NM

Gg to keelung from taipei is realli a headache!! wun be gg jiufen on day 3 cos its already included in the 1 day tour.. checked the railway timetable n there are onli 12pm trains n 7pm trains fr taipei to keelung. however, there are many timing for taipeii --> Ruifang. any suggestions on how shld i get to keelung by other mode of transport? cos i wanna reach there by 4pm but there r no train timing @ tt time..

And fr Keelung to Songshan, the train timings r v odd also, all v late @ nite.. any other mode of transport from keelung --> Songshan(wu fen pu)??

Thanks alot for ur help.. realli gathered much info fr this thread! =)
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