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pretzel18 bro, i remember seeing is only unlimited mtr rides. it didnt mention can use on bus rides. remember, the 1-day unlimited mtr ride starts from ur 1st mtr ride and last 24 hours, if u bought the card but nv take mtr yet. it nt counted. depend on self lah, to me i find citigate not much of things to shop. they have levis, nike, quiksilver, adidas, esprit, city-chain but the stuffs are off season.

mobby80 bro, bring ur mobile. get their people simcard. it is a prepaid cost u only 60 sgd. can call within HK and even back to singapore. anytime cheaper than the roaming by out local telcos. if u want i can pass u mine. still got value but duno hw nv use finish.

for food wise. you can find almost good food everywhere. the usual food hunts in HK are the cha chan tings, maxims, cafe de coral (dai kar lok). sometimes once in awhile restaurants. dun forget to try their dim sums. try nt to go for the fast food since u can find them in sg also. the fast food taste the same everywhere.
xl8080 i am still awaiting your review of the HK Apartment you staed last time.

Can pass me the People SIM Card? Cheap righou can call 193193 on the People Prepaid SIM Card to check your value.
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