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KFC in HK is having this new black pepper favoured chicken during my trip in HK 2 wks ago. Not sure whether is the promotion still going on or not. Worth trying cos in sg, haven't seen any black pepper chicken b4 in KFC.

As for egg tart, i've tried egg tarts from 2-3 diff stalls, all taste more or less the same, but all are equally yummy. Theres a cake/bread shop selling egg tarts along Fa Yuen street, near to YMCA intl House, the egg tarts there can consider good.

Just for ur info, YMCA intl House is a convinent good place to stay during ur trip in HK. Its roughly abt 5mins to Ladies' Street & Temple Street. Roughly abt 50-60 steps from the hotel gate to the MTR exit, abt 20-30 steps to 7 eleven. Bath room are rather small but still acceptable. Standard room & superior room, both having 21 sq metres but standard rooms' bed is placed in the middle of the room, so it should have lesser space to walk in the room.

Hope i can help those fellow forum mates with these info.
Anyone going to or coming back to sg soon? My gf miss the curry fish ball from 7eleven stall. Anyone kind enough to help me get a few bowls back? Its 8 HKD each, tightly sealed type.

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