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Back from hK on 26th Jul 07

Hey guys, juz to update...

Stayed at Man Hing Lung Hotel. Located at Mirador Mansion TST. Lots of African America staying there. Security is stepped up and there are security guards taking down particulars of ple leaving/entering after midnite.

Bedsheets are changed once every two days. SGD$25/nite for a personal toilet.
Room service is good and the staff are a frenly family who has been running the
motel service for 20 years.

Sweet Dynasty is Over-rated. Desserts are NOT v nice but cheap.
Ambience is first-class.
Dinner meals are OK, not v v fantastic.

Yungkee's roast goose at the Peak is really good. Be prepared to queue. Posh settings.
Half goose, 190hkd
Full goose, 380hkd
Other dishes minimum ard 80hkd/dish.

Dao Hiang (Dao4 Xiang1) Dim Sum Restaurant at Mongkok is a MUST GO for cheap and superb Dimsum. (come out from exit A1 and walk down Nathan Rd) If u go after 10am, be prepared to QUEUE!!! The DimSum there are the BEST we have tasted. SGD8/person can eat till v v full. DimSum from 7-11am. Lotsa elderly ple there.

Prices: Small (6.8hkd) Medium(8.8) Large(10.8) Extra Large(12.80) Super Large(Forgot)

Must try their Ha1 Gao2, Ha1 Cheong2, XO sauced Carrot Cake. Try their prawn-related Dimsum. Best we have eaten.

Silvercord Shopping Centre Cai Yuen DimSum Restaurant, TST
Silvercord SC has Birkenstocks(5% off for tourists) and Lacoste(sells shoes only) stores.
DimSum here is good but slightly more pricey.

Factory outlets
1) Citigate (Tung Chung)

Nike (nth much)
Adidas (lotsa originals series, wide variety of shoes, buy 2 items get 20% off)
Espirit (largest outlet compared to other Espirit outlets)
Quicksilver(only outlet we have seen in Hongkong)
New Balance(Dun buy here. Expensive and chop carrot prices for the same shoes we saw in KwanTung)

**My fren claimed she saw Polo Ralph outlet but i went there twice and din see. She said its located at another place in the same building. Can anyone verify?

Food: Only mac and Coffeebean

2) KwanTung (Must go for sports apparels) APM (macham Wisma Atria found here juz outside MTR.)
a) Yip Fatt Bldg Level 11
Adidas (Buy any 3items get 30% off )

- Prices are cheapest here but the stuff here hard to buy. For guys, its all S sizes. For
girls, its all L sizes. Bought 2 pairs of Originals and a Tee-shirt. V cheap.
New Balance Level 12
- Individual pricing. Cheaper than retail outside.
No-name Sports Shoe Shop Level 7
- Sells a lot of different brands of sports shoes.
b) NIKE OUTLET (Camelplant Bldg, 50m from Yip Fatt)
- Newly renovated. Individual pricing. Good shopping experience. Majority of the sports
wear sells at ard 79-89HKD. Limited sizes. Wide selection of bags though.

Food: A Cha Can Ting oppo Camelplant Bldg.
- Set meals come with soup. Prices cheaper than in TST and Mongkok.

3) Lai Chi Kok Adidas Outlet Level 5 (Lai Chi kok MTR exit come out the building is there)
- Lesser variety, but can find v good bargains. (10% off for 2 pieces and the individual
prices muz be above 100hkd.)
Level 1 has lotsa girls clothes and dresses. Its a wholesale centre. Note that they close at 7pm.

4) North Point MTR Tanka Ltd Adidas Outlet
- Come here only if u are keen to buy Adidas vests! Nth much to see.
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