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Wah how come everyone staying at YMCA Internatinoal house? I'm thinking if i should just book my own jetstar and hotel through YMCA website. Havent paid up with tour agency for my UA tix and Cosmopolitan hotel stay, but prob paying tomorrow.

Pls advice:

Between Cosmopolitan and YMCA International House, which hotel is better in terms of location, cleanliness, room size etc.

yea Mobby80 and Flanker, we should share tips and iternary planning...maybe can even meet up for yum cha!
hi, between cosmopolitan & YMCA, i would rather u choose the latter...coz i stayed in cosmo when i was ther in April. Hotel not too bad, but itz far from MTR, & unless u take their feeder mini bus, if not u gotta walk very very far, not to mention the turf club is beside, hospital in front & cemetry BEHIND!! lol unless u dun mind all *these*, den go for cosmo...
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