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Thanks mugenrsg, I also stayed at cosmopolitan last yr, but because i went with a big group can always share cab back. This time its just me and my dunno if its damn jialat to keep taking cab if we're staying at cosmopolitan. I will take shuttle in morning but night time confirm no more shuttle, and hell no to walking back past

But if we dont compare location, and compare other things like room and hotel service etc. which hotel is better?

Anyone knows? I can still change cos i havent paid agency.

hi, between cosmopolitan & YMCA, i would rather u choose the latter...coz i stayed in cosmo when i was ther in April. Hotel not too bad, but itz far from MTR, & unless u take their feeder mini bus, if not u gotta walk very very far, not to mention the turf club is beside, hospital in front & cemetry BEHIND!! lol unless u dun mind all *these*, den go for cosmo...
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