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10th..went to shen zhen..consider lucky that we missed the No.8 signal as most shops are closed early.
Took the KCR and went to the first class need squeeze and got quite alot of empty seats..cost ard 60+HKD per trip.Reach shen zhen at around 10amplus..Luo hu still at their sleepy state..alot tounting to ask u to get this and get that...irritating..whole building mostly fake branded immediately took their MRT to Lao Jie(Dong Men)..once out MRT will bring u to a building selling alot electronic(mp4,webcam,bluetooth earpiece)..things are cheap here..bought a samsung bluetooth earpiece at RMB120. walk out the building towards dong men..and its a heaven..alots of small shops like bugis street type..things are super cheap and still can bargain further..shiok..but some shops meant for 1 pcs or 2 pcs they wont sell...went back to HK at ard 8pm..still got alot of shops and st did not explore..missed that place.
Went to temple st for its claypot rice but closed.Then found out the whole nathan rd is deserted and it is only 8pm+!! due to the No.8 signal
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