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11-12th are all shopping.

Lai Chi kok-Industrial Center..wholesale clothes for ladies...can occupied my gf 5hrs at that building while i went to starbucks for coffee and paper then fall asleep then wake up for coffee again.But conclusion is Dong men(SZ) is much better..rate is better,more variety and less attitude seller.

Espirit - 50% of original price...1000hkd and above,further 20% , 500hkd and above,futher 10%.
All the items at diff factory outlet are almost the same. but i feel the one near Peninsular Hotel is bigger than the one at citygate. Bought quite some stuff here..hee

H&M - more like Pull & bear....but they got formal clothing like zara..not really exp..and not really cheap.Must see the item itself.....funny is i was there at sun evening....8.30pm only the shop announce closing liao.

Once i sort my pics..i will upload a few here.
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