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summary on my trip over there

8th Aug - Raining
9th Aug - Raining
10th Aug - No. 8 Signal Ball raised
11th Aug - Raining in the day, Town area at night are clear
12th Aug - Raining in the day, Mongkok area at nite clear
13th Aug - Morning SUNNY! Bac to singapore..

curse and swear!!

will up my events encounter later for people lookin for infor over there...

hey! i was there from 8th till 13th also..
haa.. due to the rain i din managed to go anywhere for sightseeing loh..
jus did lots of shopping n eating n sleeping for the 5 days. lols.
and ya... 13th was a sunny day.. haha..

if u're planning for hongkong, prob dun go in august .. heard tat its the monsoon season.
dunno if its true.. or its jus tat the typhoon came jus nice during tat week.. blarrss...
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