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wow zeroflame, 10th i oso went to shenzhen n oso same wif u miss the no.8 signal..wahah

to mi, once i touch down to shenzhen n went to the right hand side the tall shopping mall, my impression towards chi-nas went down to bottom zero..totally no mood to explore even further..juz wanted to find a place to eat den F off frm the place...HK is a muc safer place compare to there...mayb din get enuff infor frm this webbie n miss the MTR to dongmen which i believe wil b a muc nicer place to shop..

n ya..i oso stay in YMCA on the 10th..before that is a 5 star hotel in harbor plaza resort city in Tin Shui Wai..service in YMCA is real good...a bellboy named david serve us tru-out the trip..he is courteous n willing to help us intro food n places to go..5 thumb up for this little fair plump cute boy! whereas at harbour resort, service bad...attitude oso so-so..sigh
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