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hi any one can send me the 5d4n and 4d3n itinery? I cant access these from the web
have the WLMJ already. thnks alot!

(oh i only can access the 10d9n page from the website..)

anyway can someone provide some info?
the first night i reach will be saturday.. taking jetstar at 1pm frm singapore.
so estimated time of arrival would be 5pm? so after tt is it wise to head to wu fen pu after we put down our lugguage? since i read somewhere that sun-tues are not reccomended to go wu fen bu! sun is close, mon n tues for wholesalers??
den frm there proceed to rao he night market.. hmmm after this shud be back to hotel or shud we still go anywhere else? cant squeeze in much more le right...

any reply will be appreciated! thnks!
oh my email is

many thanks to nuttyazn for compiling this guide~!
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