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Hmmm so Porter International is actually legit? I'm not really sure about this but I've heard alot of accusations that P.Int is fake.
I'm not sure whether or not Porter International products are considered 'legit' in the eyes of bag fashionistas and fashionmistas alike, but one thing I know for certain is in Taiwan back in 2001, when Porter International Company Limited (the Taiwan distributor) setup their company, no-one actually registered the trademark behind the name "Porter" (domestic or international issue, I'm not sure), so they saw the chance, setup a partnership with Yoshidakaban in the sense that they bring in materials made in japan, but with their own factory setup in Taiwan they made their own bags there domestically prolly to save up costs, and then slap the "Porter International" trademark onto their own label. That's why if u had went to the Porter International website earlier on, u can see tat their label is just written "Porter International", nothing to do with Yoshida & Co.

This is how hardcore Porter fans differentiate btw them, and also why it caused some fanboyism uproar last time when true Porter fans found out abt Porter International. (inferior modified designs, Made in Taiwan vs Made in Japan are among some of the factors involved etc)
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