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hey cameltoe, which airline did you book? your airtickets already cheaper still say expensive ah. which period you going? which airline and what period can get 400dollars ticket for 2? where got so cheap wan?

We're travelling from 19-24 dec 07. we got our tickets from jetstar at 496 per pax loh. Eva air having promo now and the air tickets about the same price. About 30-50 dollars more. but sold out for the period we want. so no choice lah.

not considering SQ at all. it cost way way more loh. a few hundred more per pax. two pax is quite a substantial amount. rather spend on better hotels.

hey irvin, i suggest you book soon leh. super peak tickets normally by the time promo comes, most tickets are sold out wan. left not so good dates/times or only limited seats thats why got promo on such tickets. actually can see how many seats still available on jetstar wan. just check online as if you're gonna book air tickets. can request seats online. then you can see how many seats left.

we booked a few days ago. Just ONE day after we booked, the fare went up 10dollars. It'll keep going up nearer the date. so better book early. =)
Hmm well, u cant compare sq and jetstar la....premium airline and budget airline.....there's gona be differences in terms of price and everything else....
Anyway does anyone knows issit ok to travel to green island next week? most likely will plan a trip there...
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