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no need apply visa de. u both singaporean? holding singapore passport den dun need, singapore passport is so called approved visa liao. not like china ppl go taiwan need apply visa! haha.

jetstar website wen u book, u juz follow e instructions steps next.. den they auto calculate for you together with tax liao no worries!.. den choose a seat, my advice u dun wan stuffy, choose near the emergency exit, more leg space. n plz haf ur early lunch first, coz food on the jetstar SUX n EXPENSIVE! den by e time u rch taipei already 545pm, not much time to eat dinner quite rush liao, so eat full full hor.

i recommand u TS, 2-3mins walk directly to ximending only. their prices now very wu hua! i just came back, i stay 3rd floor =x lol. they havin half price promo! nt1680 only for my superior deluxe suite(i forget what suite liao la, u chk on their website), originally is nt3360. i stay 7daes6nite, total 11,760.. cheap approx sgd$550 plus minus ard ther. oh btw plz call early to book ur room, now hot period.

i plan most of my stuffs 3-4mths before, so i got my air tix cheap n hotel rm not a problem wif e vacancy .. plan ahead is e best! no need stress n worries. cheers.

juz my 2cents!

Hi zichuan,
tks for ur info. I've already settled the airfare, most likely to book TS, btw do we need to pay upfront for the hotel booking, will they accept credit card for the bal pymt upon check up. Is it easy to exchange SGD/NTD there? For travelling wise, do they have day pass for MRT/Bus usage - this trip is mainly for shopping and try out their traditional foods, itinery would check further with you guys again.
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