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Hi zichuan,
tks for ur info. I've already settled the airfare, most likely to book TS, btw do we need to pay upfront for the hotel booking, will they accept credit card for the bal pymt upon check up. Is it easy to exchange SGD/NTD there? For travelling wise, do they have day pass for MRT/Bus usage - this trip is mainly for shopping and try out their traditional foods, itinery would check further with you guys again.
from my experiences, if u change in singapore u could go to major places, coz some small ulu money changer dont carry alot of NT, den u muz move around singapore to find n chg.. si bei troublesome wan, imagine take mrt from here to ther, u already bo hua how many transport dollars liao.. :x

i changed at lucky plaza, some shop si bei guai lan so take note, dey gif high exchange rate 21.7 but ask u chg how much, i shoot sgd3k, all diam diam sae oh NT not enough dun haf. lol.. den i go 1st flr corner n ask lo, den i got exchange rate 21 abit low rite. but e boss gd service, go source for tat amt of NT for me, i waited 30mins, but worth it lo though my exchange rate 21, coz i calculate i go take mrt to pearl centre etc.. so many places + walking distance.. dollar n sense, i still wu hua if i get 21 rate, plus he so helpful n dun turn mi away. but NT i received is old nt1000 notes and new notes. but i still thank him. TAKE NOTE: dun worry abt getting old notes, u can chg at taiwan at their bank for new notes, remember ONLY "BANK OF TAIWAN" change only. no worries no extra charges or wadsoever, juz chg onli.

for credit card payment i not beri sure, coz i sg book, den rch ther n pay at counter in cash lo, but i think should be ok la credit card.

den for chgin $ in taiwan, i suggest u chg in sg lo. u go ther try enjoy ur time n haf fun, no need hassle abt chging $ all tis, 1 straight singapore settle den ther enjoy nia.

as for me my mrt(metro) transportation normally i purchase 1day single pass. i didnt buy e so-called ezlink card which is similiar to dem. but if u calculate dollar n sense, it is wu hua to buy their so called ezlink card lo.
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