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Post Acronyms and Lingo peculiar to EDMW - come to main thread and vote!

EDMW Glossary - A to D

(For E to J, see Post #2)
(For K to P, see Post #3)
(For Q to V, see Post #4)
(For W to Z, see Post #5)

A list of the unique (or weird ) acronyms and lingo used by EDMWers.

Warning : Usage outside of EDMW will probably make you sound like a moron and kena ridicule jialak jialak...

This collection now has a total of 285 terms!

General tips for understanding EDMWish :

1. Replace the letter "L" with the letter "R" and pronounce accordingly.
eg. Look -> Rook, Lock -> Rock, Plus -> Prus

2. Add the letter "S" in front of words that start with "ex".
eg. Expose -> Sexpose, Experience -> Sexperience

3. Spell the word backwards.
eg. Slow -> Wols

4. Many terms are simply mispronounced words and spelled to reflect that pronunciation.
Just say the word out loud and you will probably know what it means.
It helps alot if you understand hokkien.
eg. Why -> Huai, What -> Huat, Is -> Ish, Clone -> Krone


+1 : +1 Post Count. Serves no purpose other than to increase one's post count. (see also WOB)
Can also be used favourably as a "bump" or "up" to keep the thread active.

10 Char : 10 Characters. Use in short replies to overcome the "at least 10 characters" message length limit imposed by the forum.

10KKJ : Tampines. KKJ = Penis, hence, 10KKJ = 10Penis = Ten-Penis = Tampines

10Penis : (see 10KKJ)

66.6% : Refers to the majority of Singaporeans who voted for PAP.
Usually used sarcastically when the government implements some undesirable policies.
eg. 66.6%, are you happy now that you have to pay extra 2% GST?
Origin : During the 2006 general election, PAP won with a 66.6% vote. This number probably got the attention of people due to 666 being the number of the devil.

125 : Carry Balls. (see PLP)
Origin : The hand gesture for PLP is to bend the middle and ring fingers, with the remaining 3 fingers slightly bend and pointing upwards.
Thumb, Index, Pinky = 1st, 2nd, 5th fingers

141th Media : Refers to the Singapore Mass Media.
Singapore was ranked 141 out of 169 in the "Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007" by "Reporters Without Borders".

146th Media : (obsolete) Refers to the Singapore Mass Media.
Singapore was ranked 146 out of 168 in the "Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006" by "Reporters Without Borders".

154th Media : Refers to the Singapore Mass Media.
Singapore was ranked 154 out of 195 in the "2007 Freedom of the Press World Ranking" by "Freedom House".

Abalone : Vagina. (Look at a picture of an opened abalone and add in some imagination)

ABNN : Ah Bu Neh Neh. A possibly racist term that refers to an Indian person.

Afternoon Burger : Refers to burgers that are only sold in the afternoon (typically after 11am) in some fast food restaurants, as opposed to those in the breakfast menu.

Ah Kun : An imaginary friend.
Origin : In the MediaCorp TV Series, Metamorphosis 破茧而出, a character Jin Yong Jian suffers from split personality disorder. Yong Jian refers to his split personality as Ah Kun.

Ah Tiong : China Person (possibly racist). Tiong = 中 = 中国 = China (see also XLN)
Some people may argue that "Ah Tiong" is the name for a certain EDMWer with an orange head...

AJZM : Ai Jiat Zua Mai (hokkien) = Want to eat snake? (literally) = Want to skive?

Angwee : Angry

APPM : Ai Piak Piak Mai (hokkien, see ASGM, Piak Piak)

ASGM : Ai Sio Gan Mai (hokkien) = Want to have sex?

ASK : Ah Sia Kia (hokkien) = Rich Kid

ASL : Age Sex Location. Posts as a question to ask for the age, sex and location of another person. Usually used in internet chat rooms.

ASW : Attention Seeking Whore

ATB : Ah Tiong Bu (possibly racist) = China Woman (see also Ah Tiong, XLN)

ATBD***** : Ah Tiong Bu De Cheese Pie Jin Ho Jiak (hokkien). Means a China woman's vagina is very tasty.
ATB de cheesepie Jin ho jiak - YouTube

Autobot : An autobot is a faction of the fictional sentient robots called Transformer. (see Transformer)

BBM : Broke Back Mountain. Related to gays.
Origin : Brokeback Mountain is a movie about the sexual relationship between two men.

BCC : Better Cover Car-chng. (see CC)
Origin : From the SG-made film, Just Follow Law (我在政府部门的日子)

BCF : Big Cannon Fairy. (see Cannon Fairy)

Beethoven : 背多分 (chinese) = Back scores more points = The back view (of a person) is more attractive than the front.
(Nothing to do with the musician in any way)

Beh Kan : (hokkien) Literally means Cannot F**k = Useless, weak or cannot make it.

Bend : Ban. Usually means to ban a person.

BFF : Best Friend Forever

BHB : Buay Hiao Bai (hokkien) = Do not know what ugliness is = Feels no shame or embarrassment.

BK : Bun Knife = Bao Toh (hokkien) = To tattletale on, blow the whistle, snitch

Blocker : Some text that people put at the start of their thread to prevent/block others from peeking at the content when you place your mouse cursor over a thread.
In EDMW, it is considered bad etiquette to put a blocker when you starts a thread to ask some questions.

BMW : Bus MRT Walk. Refers to 3 cheapest mode of transport.

Bookam : (see Dutty Yeah)

Boyzillion : Boyzilian = Brazilian Wax for guys

BRB : Be Right Back, Bath Room Break (this takes priority in threads with pictures of pretty girls, or boys or whatever you find sexually appealing...)

BSOD : Blue Screen Of Death. Refers to the critical system error seen in Microsoft Windows.

BTH : Buay Tah Han (hokkien) = Cannot take/resist it anymore

BTSS : Bian Tai Shu Shu (chinese) = Perverted uncle.

Buang : (malay) To throw or discard. Usually used to mean that something is no good.

Bukit Timah : BT = Bit Torrent

Bus3rd : A creative way of writing "B_a_s_t_a_r_d". Also bypasses the forum's censor system.

Buttseck : Butt Sex = Anal Sex

Buwee : Bully

BWG : Boh Wei Gong (hokkien) = Nothing to say

BYO : Bring Your Own

Camel Toe : (from Wikipedia) A slang term that refers to the outline of the female labia majora (that's vagina for the uninitiated) when seen through tight, form-fitting clothes (eg. bikini, swimsuit).

Cannon Fairy : (chinese, Cannon = 大炮, Fairy = 仙) = Someone who is full of hot air, talks big with no substance, bullcrapping.

CBB : Chibabom. A pretty female EDMWer.

CBF : Can't Be F**ked = Can't be bothered

CC : Cover Car-chng = To take preemptive measures to avoid or get out of trouble. (see also BCC)
Origin : From the SG-made film, Just Follow Law (我在政府部门的日子)

Cham Siong : (hokkien) To negotiate or come to an agreement in order to get out of trouble or reach some favourable objectives.

Cheese Pie : Mispronunciation of a hokkien word. Female reproductive organ.

Chiu : You

Chiur : Your

CIM : Come In Mouth (usually used in a sexually context)

Claypot : Opposite of jackpot

Climb : Climb Bukit Timah Hill (see Bukit Timah)

Climb Hill : Climb Bukit Timah Hill (see Bukit Timah)

CM : Claypot Master. A very unlucky person whose predictions always come out opposite.

CMI : Cannot Make It

CnC : Comments and Criticism

Cow Touncil : Town Council

Crone : Clone (Account). An account created to hide/mask one's original identity. Usually for dubious purposes.

CSB : Cool Story Bro. Typically used as a sarcastic reply to some posts/comments that you do not really care for or do not believe in. Use it like a +1. (see +1)

CSI : Crime Scene Investigation. Means to investigate.
Origin : CSI is the name of a USA TV series about forensic scientists.
Side note : EDMW has a CSI team that is very talented and resourceful. Be good and do not test their skills. Many have tried and regretted. They are watching you...

CSS : Cool Story Sis. Used when the poster is a female. (see Cool Story Bro)

Diam : (malay) Keep quiet, shut up

Digger : Someone who posts a reply in an old, usually meaningless thread. This act is called digging a thread and is not encouraged. Persistent mindless digging may results in a ban.

Dip Dip : Deep Deep = Very much, a lot, deeply. Frequently used together with "Lub". Eg. I ish lub chiu dip dip. (see also Lub)

Die Why Die : DVD

DNB : Dua Neh Bu (hokkien) = Big Bosom Woman

DNN : Dua Neh Neh (hokkien) = Big Bosom

Do a barrel row : Use like a "+1". (see +1)
Origin : (from Wikipedia) The phrase "Do a barrel roll!" has become a popular Internet meme. The meme originated as a quotation from Peppy Hare in the video game Star Fox for SNES, and has since been made popular in Star Fox 64, where it was also said by Peppy. In the games, you peform barrel rolls with Starfox's aircraft, the Arwing, which deflects enemy lasers. It is most often cited on websites such as 4chan, GameFAQs and YTMND. The term was commonly used by callers to Tom Green's online show to heckle him prior to the implementation of a call screener.

DP : Display Picture = Avatar

DTA : Don't Trust Anyone, Don't Tell Anyone

Durex : Deluxe (Deluxe Member). Refers to the HWZ DMCard Membership.

Dutty Yeah : A Jamaican sign off. Use like a "+1". (see also +1, Bookam, Zagga)

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