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Acronyms and Lingo peculiar to EDMW - come to main thread and vote!

EDMW Glossary - E to J

(For A to D, see Post #1)
(For K to P, see Post #3)
(For Q to V, see Post #4)
(For W to Z, see Post #5)

EDMW : Eat-Drink-Man-Woman (refers to the forum or forumites)

EDMW Useless : A phrase started by a certain grandfather in EDMW. Used like a "+1" when asking EDMW to do something, and the response or result is not satisfactory.

Emo : Emotional

En Pee En Tee : NPNT (see NPNT)

Epik Phail : Epic Fail = Failure of epic proportions

Fap : Onomatopoeic (ie. sound word) for male masturbation. Possibly originated from Japanese manga as a sound effect for masturbation.

FCP : Fake Cheese Pie (see Cheese Pie)

Fish Seller : Selfish

FL : Freelance or Freelancer.

FR : Field Report

FT/FW : Foreign Talent/Foreign Worker

FTW : For The Win

Fugly : F**king Ugly = Extremely ugly

GCP : Golden Cheese Pie. Generally used in a derogatory manner.
It refers to girls who think they are exceptionally attractive.
Hence deserving, even demanding special (materialistic) attention from guys.

GG : Good Game. Use to mean "Game Over" or "The End".
Origin : (from Wikipedia) An internet slang exchanged by players at or near the conclusion of a gaming match to describe a game that is very one sided and therefore considered already over. It may also be used at the end of a close game or match as a sign of good sportsmanship, signaling that it was a good competition.

GGDD : Gong Gong Dai Dai (hokkien) = Stupid

Ghey : Gay

GIYBF : Google Is Your Best Friend. A polite way of telling someone to use Google to search for whatever he/she is looking for.

GL : Geylang

GLGT : Got Link Got Talk (see NPNT)

GLHF : Good Luck Have Fun (mainly used in online gaming), Guai Lan Hor F**ker

Goot Pocoyo : An imaginery friend of a certain EDMWer who is a "buibui + small eater" and who likes to "bruff chewren".

GPGT : Got Picture Got Talk (see NPNT)

GTFO : Get The F**k Out

GVGT : Got Video Got Talk (see NPNT)

GX : Gong Xi (chinese) = 恭喜 = Congratulations

H81 : Hotel 81 = A chain of budget hotels

Hannor : (singlish) Agreed, that's right

Himbo : Male Bimbo

HL : Hao Lian (hokkien) = Show off

Hmmm Zai : (hokkien) Don't know

HMV : Home Made Video

Hokay : Okay (mispronunciation) = OK

Horse : 马 = 码 = Code = Mosaic. Relates to pornographic materials.

Hougang Chalet : Institute of Mental Health (Woodbridge Hospital)
Origin : IMH is located in Hougang

HTH : Hope This Helps

Huai : Why

Huat : What. Also means to prosper in hokkien.

Hum Ji : (hokkien) Gutless, Kiasi, Wimp, Chicken out

Hum Sup : (cantonese) 咸湿 = Lecherous, indecent, sordid. Used as an adjective to describe a person.

IIRC : If I Remember Correctly

IM Thread : Instant Messaging Thread. A thread whose topic involves/targets the thread starter and another person only.
This is usually frown on and is recommended that PM (Private Messages) or IM (eg. MSN) be used instead.

IMBA : Imbalance (usually used in the context of computer games where some units/items are overly powerful as compared to others).

IMHO : In My Honest/Humble Opinion

IMO : In My Opinion

IRC : If Remember Correctly

Ish : Is

Jiu Hu : (hokkien) Johor

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